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The Complete Special Teams

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The Complete Special Teams Playbook

How to Combine Pistol, Gun,
and Under Offenses

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How to Combine Pistol, Gun, and Under Offenses

Combing the 4.2.5 With the
3.3.5 Defense

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Combining The 4.2.5 with the 3.3.5 Defense

Coaching Manuals & DVDs Created by a Highly Experienced Football Coach

Expand your understanding of how to play football successfully with football coaching manuals and videos by Coach Jerry Campbell. At JCFB, our mission is to provide the best quality and value products that will increase the knowledge of coaches, players, and fans by using a variety of approaches, from traditional to cutting-edge technology.

Coach Campbell has over 53 years of experience in football, including playing in high school and college and coaching across the country. He has studied the game all the way back to 1610 in China and everything devised since 1869. This extensive research and expertise have led to writing numerous publications for every level of football over many decades. Coach Campbell's football coaching DVDs and manuals provide a solid foundation for coaches and players. When this information is effectively applied, it is designed to have a positive, long-term impact on both parties.

Featured Product

Combine Multiple Offensive Schemes Into One Offense & Installing the 4.3 Defense With Multiple Variations

Product Info:

Combine Multiple offensive schemes Into One Offense is 347 pages illustrating Formations, Traditional run and passing game featuring Play Action, Dropback, Sprint Out, as well as a No Huddle approach for implementing a fast pace offense using codes. This manual also offers a Complete installation of your offensive Line, Receivers, Backs and QB’s, Option Game, RPO’s, a foundation for implementing a Pistol Wing-T and much, much more.

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